Oh, hello! I am here on a rainy night in my very small apartment with my very small cat, hoping you are cozy somewhere too. I am a little sad I can't share any new art with you just yet, most of it is secret still.

So here are photographs of two inspiring finds from the local vintage shop called Artifaktori in Davis Square. A pair of navy leather 1971 kitten-heeled Naturalizer pumps which almost fit perfectly with band-aids, and a nameless, ownerless, very magical looking suitcase that takes me on a trip with it every time I glance at it. It just about yelled at me to bring it home from its position on the sidewalk as I passed it leaving the dentist's office. Old things just make me wonder of them, "WHERE have you been, and WHAT have you seen?"

And of course little Serif is in there trying to steal the scene. Kate thinks he is a pharaoh spirit housed in a feline body...I think he is a little goblin, or a dog, since he has now learned "paw" as well as "sit" and "fetch".

Paintings to come. Goodnight!