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Julia loves words and pictures, making a mess, and cleaning up. She has worked in a variety of creative industries as an author, illustrator, and designer. Watercolor is her favorite medium because it's the wildest. She lives and works in coastal Quincy, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. If she isn't in the studio, she's probably sitting in the town marsh. And/or humming at snails. (They come out of their shells when you hum, you know.)

Clients & Collaborations:

Abrams Books, Amazon, Anthology Magazine, American Girl, Balzer & Bray, Bayer, Candlewick Press, EnergyBBDO, Guideposts Magazine, Hallmark, HarperCollins, Highlights, High Five Magazine, Little Brown, MacMillan Kids, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Point One Percent, Random House, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster

Interview with All the Wonders: HERE

               Poem for world peace day 2016,  julia denos