In praise of quiet.

In an age which lauds the LOUD.


Let us pause and praise the quiet.




Being with a blank white page




A bow to the empty moment


A nod to the negative space




The pause in a friend's sentence




The quiet in the company of others, before you try to fill it up.




the power, the color, the unlimited universe in these spaces, already there.


What is perching on an empty branch?


These spaces are NOT empty.


They are wild things with names.


Why are we so afraid of these friends?

Who know our own names?


Why are we so afraid of QUIET?

Because in the quiet we face ourselves.

And we are taught to be afraid of ourselves.

And there is truth in the quiet.


Why do we not want to face the truth?

The truth isn't so bad.


The truth is:

we are loved.


We ARE love.