New York/New Art

Last weekend in New York City went by in a whirl of wet snow flakes and taxi rides (pictures to come) I'm back and tidying up after a book I just finished before departing, called Letters to Leo by Amy Hest, about a little girl and her loyal pup in NYC (appropriately!) Every time I finish a project, I always pause on clean up:

It's a sweet and sad little moment. You've come to sort of live in that world while you go about your day, gotten comfortable in the neighborhood, befriended some characters and, as soon as you sort your pencils back into their cups, POOF, it's done. Like playing pretend and moping about having to clean up for dinner time...

So cheers, Leo and Annie (more on this duo soon!) Their world existed on Riverside Drive facing the Hudson, so I went there last week to see it for myself: