Faster Than the Speed of Light

It's probably silly that I was giddy as heck cranking up the radio to listen to THIS PROGRAM on my drive through town this morning. Have you heard about the recent discovery of the tiny little neutrino? The little thing that has supposedly finally broken the speed of light?

I love wondering how it (if this little neutrino does indeed topple our entire understanding of space, relativity and time) could change our world in a more imaginative direction. Time travel? Textbooks? The theoretical physicist on the program surmised that we'd have to recalibrate many things in our lives, including our GPS systems. Of course! I got goosebumps because, perhaps it isn't SO far in the future that we will need to not just know "where" we are but "when" we are?

Maybe it's because I've make my living by believing and imagining, or because as artists we are trained to imagine and extrapolate out in all possible directions, or I was raised on a hearty dose of Gene Roddenberry and mentions of string theory (thanks, Dad)... but "big picture" science, like language, and like genealogy, has always served as "caffeine" for inspiration. Whenever science rocks our world, my heart hopes and mind expands and I'm pushed again to create. OK! Back to Earth–work to do!