New + Old

This weekend was full of NEW + OLD, with a backdrop of coastal Quincy rain (the light tapping kind) and a visit from my parents up from Connecticut. We cooked our first brunch for guests in our new house, on new china, on a new table. Thankfully, our conversation topics spanned the comfy old Denos favorites though: technology, Star Trek, poetry, recipes, family history and ghosts (the usual) and I even got a piece of my past from way down south, a copied picture (thanks, Aunt RB!):

This is my great-grandma, Pocca's mother: "Mama Roe"
(Ruth Bailey Munroe)

When I was little, I used to stare at this photo in amazement, imagining she was a movie star from the old-fashioned days. The rusty stains that happened decades ago resulted in starry confetti falling around her. It adds unintentional dreaminess that I've always loved. Her face still inspires me...