A Painted CSA

Friday is CSA day here at the farmer's market in Quincy, Mass. Since I'm a city girl (still have Connecticut country in my heart) it's a thrill to cart home our share of fruit and veggies, roots and greens, dirt, stowaway bugs and all. I love how the car smells like earth the whole way home! The Stillman's Farm family and friends who make it possible are heroes, bringing us nature from the heart of Massachusetts. You can subscribe to a local CSA too, find your nearest one here.

Quincy Farmer's Market

Our Stillman's shares all stacked up!

The CSA also provides endless COLOR for cooking and eating (make sure you eat your colors!) I decided to paint before I ate. Here's what my studio looked like last week...pretty messy as usual, (save a stray potato):


Radishes look like they should always be near paint palette.

Happy weekend!