Summer Reading

This past Saturday was "Save Bookstores" Day, so I adventured to the distant land of Brookline and finally visited the cozy "Children's Bookshop" to find some breezy summertime treasure:

(Woah pink gingham!)

Holly Hobbie's paintings in Everything but the Horse were exactly how she described them, "an illustrated memory" lush and cool, like a sip of something in the shade. I hadn't read E. B. White's Trumpet of the Swan since 3rd grade. I'm rationing the delectable chapters out for summer nights and T trips. And I'm just meeting Katy Carr in What Katy Did.

When I was a kid, there was nothing so magical or hallowed as the library grounds in summer. Yum. My little wish is that someday the book covers I'm working on finally end up as summer reading: hauled on vacation, fingerprinted with jelly, sandy spine up in the grass under a tree somewhere...

Happy summer reading!
In memoriam: The beloved Curious George of Harvard Square; please don't forget your local bookshops this summer