Paris Snapshots

Window ladies, Champs-Elysées

We arrived via Aer Lingus, our lift off time dangerously close to the 6pm "Rapture"...but we made it. (Click any images to view larger)

First things first...Voilà! Des livres pour enfants...j'adore, j'adore...

I visited Les Minots, a children's bookstore in the 14th, and also stumbled on another nearby called Librairie Tropiques, where I spied my new favorite fille : JACOTTE, with her crazy carrot hair! (Illustrations by Estelle Billon-Spagnol). Also pictured above are Marie de Paris illustrated by Princesse Cam Cam and a lovely rendition of Cendrillon by Alexandra Huard.) Go lose yourself in their art blogs!

En métro!
(The Boston T could learn a few tricks.)

Then we said Bonjour to Notre Dame, L'Arc, Charlemagne, Place de Concorde and every arrondissement we could manage to meet!

Matt shows off his stash of sweet french comics on his blog here.

Some drawing (and fuzzy bird spying) in the Tuileries...

Lots of "fraise" and "framboise"... My favorites french words because they taste just like they sound, listen...

A trip out to gorgeous Giverny.

Monet's water lilies.

Picnic with sweet Parisian friends Abby LaBranche (of Gloaming Designs –a blog you must visit!!) and her beau, Romain, at the Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte out in Maincy, France...buried our toes in "bouton d'or" (literally buttons of gold!) /buttercups...introduced to new species of fromage.
...and stayed till midnight to see the Chateau at night:
Paris is a new city by night. It has a glow along the Seine that is hard to capture in words or camera. You'll have to go yourself one day to see!

Merci, Merci ♥