Hot off the presses (and plane!)

Issue No. 3 Trailer from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.

Et voilà! Woosh! We're back from Paris! Moments after my jet-lagged self walked in the front door, I found this little package waiting for me: The Anthology Spring Issue is here!

I wish I had a better word besides "dreamy" to describe how it felt to illustrate a little party scene, but that's exactly how it felt! It was an extraordinary bit of luck to get to work with magazine creators Meg Mateo Ilasco and Anh-Minh Le too. And wouldn't you know, I happened to meet two of the macarons from the painting in Paris...hmmm...

Issue #3 is especially SATURATED with color, gorgeous photography, insightful artist interviews, soirée ideas, and is just about bursting its spine with creative and visual inspiration for daily life. As a reader, I always get loads of new ideas from flipping through the pages. Now available at Anthropologie too! (in stores+site) :

...and pictures from Paris to come...!