J'aime la langue

Bonjour, mes amis! As I've mentioned, I'm currently learning french. Class is in a creaky old house shared by a bread bakery on my favorite corner in Harvard Square (Brattle). It's been lovely.

Learning, in general, has always acted as caffeine for my art inspiration. French class is serving this purpose like a large Burdick's dark hot chocolate would (Cambridge folks, you know the powers of this beverage!) When my mind is told to stretch, art making always follows. I've been dreaming in french too–waking up with little bits like "pas du tout" "deux par deux" floating around in my head. Though I'm not any good yet (see below), I want to soak in every bit! It is decoding code, listening for jewels in sentences and stringing them together, trying to make that french "R". It is like learning to dance; falling down over and over until you muddle through on tiptoes and find your balance just one sentence long...

Mes devoirs français (starring Claude + Gerard):