Les couleurs d'une fête

This time of year can sometimes be bleakest part of winter...the bitter end, the last haul ...just too grey!

Since my birthday is next week (yay, Pisces!) and we've just left the cheeriness of Valentine's, this time span has always felt a little dreamy to me. A little oasis of color. Memories of paper valentines, snail mail, crayons, pale pastel conversation hearts mingling with birthday party anticipation always follow me this time of year. In class we've been using the french word for festival/party too and I love it: "fête". Doesn't the word sound exactly like a little party hat?

So...I woke up this morning with these things bright in my mind and made:

Crayon buntings


And party dresses

Wishing you some winter color to tide you over!
*Merci beaucoup to my french teacher, Nicole, and friend Abby for checking grammar.