Gracie Z: Dude! My outfit is totally cute!

I think my heart's about to burst! Dotty got a super review from the ever-gracious, ever-astute, ever-creative Zenz children: Gracie (age 10), Isaac (12) Elijah (5) and Lily (7). They review books with their dad, the talented illustrator, Aaron Zenz, on a blog called: Bookie Woogie. Read their review here. Then feast your eyes on a cast of their own imaginary friends:

"My biggest one is Manker. He is an imaginary friend with wheels. He's the biggest imaginary friend I have."-Elijah

The many happy residents of Lilyland.

Ensenta, Gracie's imaginary friend who USED to be a girl from Mexico who helped her drink her milk, but is now a pocket-sized fuzzball...

And just look at Isaac's sweet Dotty:

Dear Gracie: You and your imaginary friend have excellent fashion sense. Ensenta coordinates with your outfit!

Dear Isaac: You are SPOT on (sorry, no pun intended!) I did use water buffalo research for Dotty. Good detective work. I usually refer to her species now as "Bovinae-leo-dottus" if you are wondering.

Dear Elijah: Manker is very awesome fellow, how many stories tall is he? I bet he'd be good friends with Gert, maybe Hanker can be too.

Dear Lily: You are a magnificent artist! It must have been hard to get all those imaginary friends to sit still for a group portrait. If I had to pick one to hang out with for a day, it would totally be Blast (the rocket puppy).

Thank you for the artwork and kind words, Z-Kids! So happy you enjoyed Dotty! BIG hugs from Boston ♥