Just Being Audrey

One day last week there was a knock on my door. I peeked out, grabbed the bundle waiting there and ripped it open (and danced around)...Audrey had arrived! First advanced copy:

I wake up in the mornings now with nervous excitement for the release of this title (January 25th is almost here!) I am nervous because I know my representation won't ever do justice to the life. On the other hand, I am so excited because just cannot wait to share Audrey's story, told by Margaret Cardillo. To study a life like Audrey's was life-changing. She was an inspiring soul I grew to know, respect and hold dear over months of research; a beautiful muse and almost a maternal presence while I worked. I always tell Matt that Audrey feels like my fairy-grandmother! I really miss her now that the book is done...

Photo by Philippe Halsman, 1955

Audrey told me in a dream recently that "giving is what makes the work worth it" as she wrote checks out to empty waiting hands, giddily smiling from ear to ear (dressed, of course, in a well-cut yellow pants suit and matching broad brimmed hat!) I've been trying my best to carry the feeling and message of that dream with me through the holidays, especially. Apart from her "look", Audrey's intense need to GIVE and the joy she experienced doing so was one of her most stunning characteristics. I'm looking forward to seeing her again on shelves and in hands and hopefully inspiring a new generation.

Oh! AND! we've created a Just Being Audrey book page, so come join us here: