Stretch 1: Lady Line

Sometimes, RIGHT in the middle of drawing a piece of art for a job, and I'm plugged into some good music, I see something completely different and unrelated that I need to draw before it disappears. That's when art making is so so crazy. You feel vulnerable and like a "channel". Ideas are freely flowing through you without much input from your brain. It's the best place to be, and it's the place where I learn my lessons, which eventually make their way to client work.
I want to try to start a series of blog posts called "Stretches". It's a little nerve-wracking to expose something unfinished that I am still learning from, but I think it will be a good exercise. Yikes!

It feels like a good stretch to make personal work ... stretching for something visually, and teetering on the edge of something and reaching far out. Making a new wrinkle in my art brain. Completely letting go, unhinging my mind for a second and speaking in color line and texture impulses. Letting things get weird. It's like a wild little race for a few minutes, chasing after the flash. Sometimes what you end up with is ugly but exciting. I think this gloved lady is about what line can do on its own when it is not told what it should be doing!
I want to hear from you, artists and writers and musicians...what is it like for you when you "stretch"?