Bonjour to you!

Since I've been working up the fashion portfolio in between projects, I thought I'd give you the sneakiest-peek before this one even hit my web portfolio. It's going up this week. Her concept is pretty obvious, but I wanted to approach it with enough whimsy to make it young and fresh. I think that now, more than ever, we are in a time of rapid awakening, especially regarding the consumer's conscience when it comes to environmental and social responsiblity, and fashion will need to follow in this functional and meaningful spirit. With the idea of fashion as lifestyle/character design, I created ECO 2. You can click on her to enlarge. I've got some exciting leads in the client area that I'd LOVE to reveal soon, but all remain hush hush for now....oh boo. Happy Monday! <3

ECO's soundtrack song =The Most Serene Republic's Compliance.