Summer's Long Long Days

How are you doing? Faring well, hopefully? Summer in Massachusetts is in full swing, days are long and vacations have been firmed up for August. I'm excited to be headed for some cozy and beautiful New England locations far from the city and close to trees and ocean with some of my beloveds <3

After being scolded for leaving my little blog alone, I decided to come back and say hello. Most of my art is under "shhh" status with Candlewick Press for Grandma's Gloves, pubbing (!) in 2010, so I can't post it yet. But life has kept me busy- Sleepover #7 is in the works, moving, weddings, searching for a kitten (or 2!), shifts at the bookstore, and long summer days all over Cambridge and Somerville with my favorite walking partner. And I recently had a press photo shoot with the gifted and inspiring Rachel Hadiashar, of Merge Weddings. Check her work out!

Here is the end of a recent summer day : fellow Boston-based illustrators and buddies Jess Golden, Emily Goodale, and I (pubbing!) at Deep Ellum in Allston. I told them we needed "a little illustrator picture" and they humored me. So here we are, the three of us, Marc Simont groupies, discussing new picture book titles, and talking in strange accents (derived from Cute natives). Add Goodale and Golden blogs to your reading travels!

So, art is coming soon! Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments these past weeks :) Enjoy a long long summer day where you are.