Talking Shop!

Here is a sample of a little nightgown pattern I did for Emily from The Sleepover Squad (first two in the series out next month!). Scanning fabric swatches and now creating patterned swatches is now such an integrated piece of my process, I wonder what I would have done even 15 years ago, if I was an illustrator. It has has me studying Patricia Polacco, just letting my eyes explore how she deals with patterns, sans-scan. much to learn. These two quieter weeks, especially, feel like a visual growing period.

And now the learning is especially consuming... I just found out a week ago, I've got my first picture book, I am so grateful for this chance and now I see how very much I have to learn and will be learning the next year and a half.

So I've started my homework for the book: studies on things like old-lady wrinkles, flower gardens and very importantly my process- HOW I'm going to make a book. Will I scan? Will I print and paint? So many questions. It publishes in 2010 (how space-age does that year sound?) I will older and wiser artist...someone who understands what I do not yet. So so many mysteries still, about bookmaking. Sitting here with wide eyes, drinking everything in...